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"A genuinely amazing teacher"

It's so important to feel happy and comfortable during your driving lessons. Find out about the opinions and thoughts of some of Craig's previous learners to put you at ease, then get in touch to enjoy the same experience! More reviews can be found on facebook.



Craig is an absolutely excellent driving instructor and I couldn't recommend him more. When I first came to him in May just looking to do 1 mock test before taking my test at home, he offered the opportunity to learn with him in Exeter, a much more diverse and challenging driving experience than what I had had at home prior. I decided to take him up on this and never looked back. Throughout my time learning with Craig he has gone above and beyond more times than I can count. He truly cares about his learners and takes pride in his work and this comes across in everything he does. Not once did I feel nervous coming into a driving lesson because he creates an environment where learning not only feels

comfortable, but exciting too. If it wasn't for Craig and his dedication, I wouldn't have passed my test, let alone pass it in the way I did (Zero Faults). Craig should be the absolute number one choice for anyone looking to learn in Exeter. Not only is he an incredible driving instructor, but a genuinely lovely person too.


"Craig is certainly one of the best driving instructors in Exeter! Choosing the right instructor for you is always a difficult task, especially as a young learner driver, and I am super grateful that I reached out to Craig who has been exceptional and made me feel really comfortable at the wheel from the very beginning. Learning to drive is a very intimidating experience with plenty of ups and downs but an instructor like Craig made the experience far more enjoyable and his attention to detail has been second to none, helping me become a safe and confident driver. I passed my test today with only 1 minor which we were both really pleased with! Thank you Craig!"



I've recently passed my test with only two minors and would highly recommend GOT2DRIVE. When I first started driving I was very nervous and found the whole experience quite stressful. I unfortunately had to change driving instructor because of this. When I started learning with Craig I began to feel much more relaxed and began to view learning to drive as a positive experience again. His relaxed approach and ability to have a laugh has really helped me to keep going with my lessons at times where I would have felt stressed. Craig is incredibly patient and would continually try to think of new ways to explain things that I struggled with. For example by drawing diagrams, reviewing dash cam footage

with me, encouraging commentary driving or just by allowing me to practice it as many times as I needed. I think he recognises that not everyone will learn in the same way and therefore is ready to adapt how he teaches to suit the learner's needs. Craig would often ask me what areas I felt needed improving and allowed me to set my own goals. I found this really helped to improve my confidence in specific areas. It is also very clear that Craig cares a lot about his learners and does all he can to help them pass. If you're looking for a driving instructor in Exeter, I would 100% recommend Craig!"


"The most incredible driving instructor! After failing a couple of tests prior with a different instructor, I got in contact with GOT2DRIVE and it was the best decision I’ve ever made in terms of driving! Craig helped build my confidence back up from being non existent and explained everything in a way that made even the hardest manoeuvres seem easy! I have loved every second and cannot be more grateful to have found such an amazing driving instructor!"



"I would thoroughly recommend GOT2DRIVE. I recently passed my test and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Craig was such a patient, good-humoured and thoughtful instructor, especially around my test when he really went the extra mile to help ensure that I passed. In the last month since I passed I have been confident driving anywhere, Craig gave me all the skills I needed to tackle any situation without panicking, as opposed to just teaching me to pass. Thank you so much Craig, I would enthusiastically recommend GOT2DRIVE to anyone who is looking for an instructor in Exeter. :) "


As a nervous person and even more nervous driver I never really believed I could pass. But learning with Craig gave me the confidence needed to pass first time. His lessons were enjoyable whilst also teaching me so much. He knew just how much to push me without ruining my confidence and I came away from each lesson having made progress. He used lots of different methods to help me learn and stayed calm when I made mistakes! If you are looking for an instructor who will have your best interests at heart, make you feel confident in your ability and gets you to your test being a safe and capable driver then GOT2DRIVE is for you!



"Craig was absolutely brilliant throughout. He always made me feel relaxed and comfortable during my lessons. After having passed first time today I can now honestly say not only have I left with a pass for driving but I have also left with a new friendship. So thank you Craig, I literally could not have done this without your patience and support throughout. I wish you all the best for the future."



"I would highly recommend Craig as a driving instructor to anyone looking to learn how to drive. Not only is he friendly, patient and skilled as you might hope for in an instructor, but his learning methods are quite current and reflective - allowing you to think about your own mistakes and set your own learning objectives. (As a teacher myself, I know how much more effective teaching methods like these are when it comes to learning a new skill. ). With a range of resources such as Youtube videos, dashcam footage, and a personal App, Craig really helps you to focus on getting the most out of your lessons. Thank you Craig!"


"Just want to say a big thank you to Craig for everything you have taught me. I am so so grateful for all the time you have spent on me as it’s been an emotional ride. I still am thanking you for sticking with me during my tears and bad days!!! I am still in shock passing with one minor and I NEVER would have imagined achieving this. I would NOT have been able to do that without Craig! 200% recommend if you need a driving instructor in Exeter area."



"Passed today thanks to Craig. It has been an enjoyable journey, learning with him. He's very approachable and gives easy to understand instructions and good constructive feedback. Would highly recommend to anyone that they learn with him. Thanks again!"

& Mum

"Just want to say a big thank you to Craig for helping my son Mackenzie pass his driving test within 4 months of his 1st driving lesson."


"I had just recently found out that I’m pregnant when Craig took me on. He understood the urgency and how important it was for me to pass before my baby was here. He’s been patient and very accommodating and made sure I was completely ready in order to pass on my first go. Always made me feel at ease and made lessons fun and relaxed. Can’t recommend Craig enough! And thank you Craig for making sure I’m ready to pass on the first try before attempting my test. I’m very pleased!"



"I couldn’t recommend Craig enough. He is the most patient and professional driving teacher you could ask for but always keeps you at a high standard whilst keeping things fun. Craig's support throughout my learning journey is incomparable and I wouldn’t have been able to pass without him!"


Craig is a really great instructor - always kind and helpful. His relaxed approach has been good at calming me down when I've felt nervous.

His calmness makes the lesson a pressure free experience and also a comfortable one. He always caters to your needs and makes sure that you’re okay with what is being taught.

He is also great at explaining which I really appreciate as I love my instructions.

I would highly recommend GOT2DRIVE!!



"Craig is a genuinely amazing teacher and I feel very lucky to have been able to find him and learn with him. I have had a handful of teachers over the years due to moving around the UK for work and I had developed a dislike and dread for lessons and saw it as a chore. Craig genuinely made me completely enjoy learning to drive and I looked forward to every single lesson.

Craig is incredibly calm, positive and clear and his lessons are structured and goal-orientated. He takes the time to explain and reflect and is incredibly knowledgable with driving, the exam and the test routes in the area.

Can’t thank him enough and highly recommend learning with Craig."



"Would highly recommend Craig if you're looking for a driving instructor in the Exeter area. He's a very friendly instructor who is able to make learning to drive a fun and engaging process while still remaining professional. When learning, he focuses on working with you to improve your driving in a way that never leaves you feeling discouraged. Thank you for the first-time pass!"


"I needed to get my confidence back as I hadn't driven for a while and Craig has been amazing! He's a brilliant instructor - patient, easy to talk to, friendly, knows exactly what he's doing and very professional. I'd 100% recommend him!"

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