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Getting You across the finish line

It's very common for hurdles to crop up in life when you are half way through your driving lesson syllabus. Sometimes a break is unavoidable. G2D can assess, accommodate and continue to further build the skills you already have.


Determining Your current ability

When deciding to resume with your training and particularly if you are joining a new driving instructor, it is important to ensure you are not spending money on lessons you don't need. Lessons that solely focus on a particular aspect of driving that you can already practically demonstrate a clear and independent understanding of, will not be productive.

When you join G2D to resume your journey to freedom, your first lesson will be so influential on how we both feel you can be supported over the coming weeks/months. It's always best to be completely honest with not just yourself but your instructor too. You may feel that you should have a particular wealth of knowledge after 'X' amount of previous driving lessons but that is not what G2D will assume, nor expect. 


How We'll continue Your progress together

As part of your first lesson, you can expect to have a good discussion about the following:

  • What areas of a typical driving syllabus you have already covered.

  • How long ago your previous lessons took place.

  • How you feel about being able to independently demonstrate your competence in those areas.

  • How you like to learn. (Pictures/Text/Demonstrations/Videos/Talk-Throughs etc.)

  • Any expectations you may have for the weeks/months ahead.

  •  Any questions or queries you may have about anything driving related.

  • But most importantly... how you are feeling about being back in the driving seat. You may have a mixture of excitement, anxiousness and nerves. Rest assured, you will soon be feeling relaxed and comfortable in the G2D environment but expressing how you are, emotionally, will really help to achieve the best rapport between you and your instructor.

After we have a good idea of what you feel you are capable of already, the next steps for the first lesson will be:

  • An introduction to the car, focussing on any aspects that differ from previous vehicles you may have been used to.

  • An assessment drive to demonstrate your practical skills in the areas already discussed.

  • A reflective discussion about your drive, led by yourself, for your instructor to gain an understanding of how you feel it went in comparison with what your initial expectations were.

  • Feedback from your instructor to include all the positive aspects of your drive.

  • Suggestions as to how (or if) your driving can be adapted to ensure you are best prepared for future drives.

  • To learn about any additional aspects of driving that you are currently unaware of but may be of benefit to you.


Finally, we will look ahead to the future with the following in mind:

  • A clear understanding of which remaining syllabus items need to be visited throughout your time with G2D

  • A very rough approximate time scale for you to be driving independently and ready for a driving test.

  • A look at what you can do in your own time, between your driving lessons, to progress as efficiently as possible.

  • A plan for your next lesson, with your goals and needs at the forefront. 

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