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Is a refresh just what You need?

Driving without confidence, care or consideration can have huge impacts on not just you but the people around you. Taking steps to ensure you are as safe a driver as possible is only ever a good thing. G2D is here to provide help and support. 

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Why would I need a refresh?

"Have you ever been involved in a road traffic accident that wasn't your fault?"

You can't say you haven't heard that question a million times before can you? There were roughly 137,000 UK road casualties in the year ending June 2022. You may have even been one of the casualties yourself! Many of these people who were involved in a collision were probably not the root cause of the crash, but that's partly irrelevant when the damage is already done, isn't it? 

Perhaps you have been fortunate enough to avoid a collision by being in the right place at the right time but when the day comes where your stars aren't aligned, you may need to call upon your awareness and skills to avoid the worst outcome and keep yourself safe, including as many other people as possible.

How are your observations?

Are you really aware of absolutely everything that is going on around you? How about some of these:

  • The driver, far far ahead on the dual carriageway that has been struggling to stay within their lane.

  • The parked car on the side of the road that has just positioned their front wheels to pull out in front of you.

  • The pedestrian who took a quick glance over their shoulder and may be about to cross the road in front of you, causing you to brake harshly and get a thump from the tail-gaiting car behind you, that you weren't aware was even there.

Low on confidence?

If you are a little unsure of your standard of driving and want a professional opinion on it, G2D can help.

Just a few areas that you may already be conscious of, where some additional help and support could benefit you are:

  • Hesitation when pulling out on to busy roundabouts.

  • Anxiousness on fast roads such as Dual Carriageways and Motorways.

  • Reversing back through narrow lanes when meeting oncoming traffic.

  • Parking in tight spaces and/or feeling pressured by other road users to get in your space quickly.


There could be a million different reasons for a refresher lesson or course but any reason for contacting G2D will be respected and taken seriously. Your call for support will be welcomed and every ounce of care and consideration will go in to rebuilding your confidence or simply just giving you the reassurance you need, to know you are keeping everyone safe.

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