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Introducing GOT2DRIVE

GOT2DRIVE is a name you will see out and about on the roads of Exeter. It's always handy to know your hard-earned cash is being spent on a reliable and professional service. Read about the G2D background to be assured of the quality provided.


GOT2DRIVE  is operated solely by DVSA Approved Driving Instructor, Craig Nethercott. Read on to find out more...

Before I give you too many details, let me start by telling you about the most important element of my lessons and what I am really passionate about when teaching... Enjoyment! 

Being in control of a car is a big responsibility and should not be underestimated. We may feel anxious and nervous when we first jump into one but we're only human, right? Here at G2D, I pride myself on the relaxed and chilled environment I create for my learners to be able to enjoy their learning. I want you to feel comfortable enough that we can learn in an atmosphere where any struggle is overcome with honesty, strategies to suit you and a positive outcome. There is no set pace at which you will be expected to progress. All lessons are completely client-centred and adapted to suit your goals and needs. New challenges are only ever considered when you're feeling comfortable enough for the next level and full support is provided every step of the way, at your request or when appropriate. All lessons are delivered with great detail and a clear explanation so you can gain a thorough understanding of how things work and why, enabling you to become a confident, independent and versatile driver, especially when required to make decisions of your own. Finally, there's always time for a laugh and a joke so let's enjoy this experience together and have something to look back on with a smile. Driving doesn't have to be a chore!


"Craig is a genuinely amazing teacher and I feel very lucky to have been able to find him and learn with him. Craig is incredibly calm, positive and clear and his lessons are structured and goal-orientated. Can’t thank him enough and highly recommend learning with Craig."

G2D is a new name to be hitting the Driver Training Industry and is currently solely operated by myself, Craig Nethercott. I am a fully qualified, DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and I have been helping many learners through their tests here in Exeter, during a time in which I was working within a local franchise. Great success last year and a growing base of recommendations after consistently helping my learners to achieve impressive driving test results, gave me the motivation to decide that the time was right to become an Independent Instructor. 

If you speak to any of my learners, I'm sure they will tell you about how particular and precise I strive to be when helping them to achieve such a high standard of driving but more importantly, a skill for life. I want my customers to know the characteristics of a car inside out so they can keep themselves, friends and family safe on any road and in any part of the country. Although the driving test provides a stern challenge, it's the many years of driving ahead that I will really equip your capability for.

I currently cover the Exeter area and have had the pleasure of helping out customers with many different circumstances:


  • Completely new who have never sat in the driver's seat before.

  • Have had driving lessons in the past but have not finished the full course.

  • Have been unfortunate to fail a driving test(s) and have come to me for additional support.

  • Full Licence Holders who need a refresher and boost in confidence after not driving for years.

  • Full Licence Holders who have been involved in an accident and want to improve their driving.

  • Foreign Nationals who already hold a licence but need to take a UK test before their permission to drive ends.


What ever your situation is, get in touch with G2D  to see what support you can be offered to fulfil your needs.

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