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Go from Zero to Hero!

There is no minimum standard or expectation required of any new customer at G2D. From those who know all about motor vehicles, to those who have never set foot in a car - EVERYONE is welcome! You've got to start somewhere.


Where do I start?

Hopefully you've already had a read of the G2D 'About' page to give you a good idea of how a typical lesson is conducted, which centres around the word enjoyment.


How can you best enjoy your first lesson?

  • A lecture on the entire process of how you will learn to drive, including all areas and subjects to be covered?

  • A detailed explanation on what every single button and knob inside the car does and when you'd need each one?

  • A discussion on all the possible dangers of driving and what mirrors you would check for every scenario? 

None of them! You'll enjoy a pleasant meet and greet as you are driven to the necessary training area, in which time we can also have a brief chat about your expectations and what you may already know about cars and/or driving. 

Once at your training area, you will jump straight in to the driver's seat and if necessary, guided through how to set yourself up for a comfortable and safe lesson. The vital controls of the car will be explained to you (if not already known) and we will soon be spinning those wheels and having fun! You and your surroundings will be closely monitored by the instructor with full help and support always available to keep you and everyone else safe. 


As each lesson goes by, you will gain more and more knowledge of the correct procedures, methods and strategies for a lifetime of safe driving. However, with it being such a big learning curve, it's important we achieve small but realistic goals every time so the enjoyment of a lesson overpowers any pressure or expectation you may put on yourself. There will never be any lesson where you are expected to learn something quicker than you are able to. Every human is different and there is no set time line for achieving the ultimate goal of independent driving.

Keeping on top of progress

As with anything you purchase in life, you want to ensure you are getting value for money. You want to see something for what you have spent. At G2D, lesson progress is regularly updated onto an App called Total Drive. On here, at the start of the lesson, we upload a goal(s) set entirely by you. At the end of the lesson, you continue to add to that lesson's log, detailing which goal(s) were achieved, the skills you developed to achieve those goals, the areas in which you feel you still need some support and what you can do in the meantime before your next lesson to achieve any of the remaining goals and/or any new goals.

The App is also used as a resource base of knowledge. Whether it's YouTube videos, word documents, layout drawings or tables of information, G2D is constantly creating and adding useful content to help you continue to learn between lessons and come best prepared to your next one. By educating yourself with these free resources, you will learn much quicker throughout each lesson, saving you many £££'s in the long run! With a high demand for lessons at G2D, the focus is on getting you to 'test standard' at the earliest opportunity. Lessons will not be dragged out in an attempt to keep you in the system for longer than needs be. Let's get you out on the road and passing that test, sooner rather than later!

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